Activists Visit Dothan to Spread Inmate Voting Rights Awareness

By: Jessica Leicht

Under Alabama law, inmates charged with misdemeanors have the right to vote.

The only felons who do not have that right are those who have committed violent crimes or crimes of moral turpitude.

At the Houston County Jail, inmates can request a voter registration form or absentee ballot.

The inmates have to pay for the applications to be sent out and for their ballots to be mailed in.

It’s up to the Registrar’s Office to make sure they are eligible.

“All an inmate at the Houston County Jail has to do is request the forms if they want to vote. We’re not soliciting voters, we’re not forcing people to vote, if they want to vote and they don’t have any felony convictions that prohibit them from voting then they’re welcome to participate. They have the same freedom to vote inside the jail if their eligible as someone on the outside does,” Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said.

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