JULY’S MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP CALL focused on the power of land and growing a new social economy rooted in our historical legacies.

“If food is freedom, land is liberation.The question about connecting to the land is less about ownership and more about the opportunity to be connected to an actual space, whether rural or urban, even if you don’t own it. Being in real relationship to the way you are engaging with a piece of land provides you with what you need.” – Carlton Turner, Mississippi Center for Cultural Production

“The history of land in the U.S, in this hemisphere, in Africa, and across the globe is rooted in colonialism and white supremacy. We acknowledge that in the U.S. we’re standing on stolen land worked by stolen people. Land is also connected to people’s power. It provides life, food, water, and spiritual resources, and now we work to transform, reclaim, and decolonize the land as part of our collective liberation.” – La’Die Mansfield, Project South

“We can’t survive without working with other farmers.” – Shirley Sherrod, Southwest Georgia Project 

New Communities was the first community land trust in the United States, founded in Southwest Georgia. Today more than 800 use the model developed by New Communities to advance equity in housing, land access, and conservation. 


1) First Step to starting a Community Land Trust: Research. In most places you go to the website of the County Tax Assessor’s office, look up the address and find the current and past owners.

2) Oftentimes, land is passed down without a will or all the legal paperwork to protect it. But there are a lot of resources to protect your land. Heirs Property Dos & Donts

3) Learn more about Community Land Trusts at the 50th Anniversary of New Communities in Albany, GA with Mrs. Sherrod on October 2-5. Register & get more information HERE.

Listen to the recording & share the resources below.


MORE on Shirley Sherrod and the work in Southwest Georgia: How a Black Farming Community Found Justice

For further research about how to develop Community Land Trusts go to Policy Link –Downloadable toolkit HERE 

“The land belongs to us!” Carlton Turner’s story about Mississippi, his family, and land ownership.

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August 28th on Climate Crisis in the U.S. South