Black Radical Tradition

View the video or listen to the audio of the call here.  

One way to use the information from this call is to organize conversations with 4-6 people thinking together in your home or coffeehouse or bar.  Such conversations will help build political analysis and the relationships that are the sinew of a strong, resilient, and unified movement.
An example of discussion questions:
Reflecting on the Black Radical Tradition, Brenda Hyde of Southern Echo, Emery Wright of Project South, and Saladin Muhammad of Black Workers for Justice offered some critical directions for grounding and building our movement.

1. One point they made was that since the first organized resistance to slavery, Black radical resistance has been international, and frontline struggles have been intertwined. Questions: How do we move toward unity in a time of great division? What gets in our way? What is an outstanding example of unity?

2.  Another point was that we must build base leadership among people who experience systemic oppression.  Questions:  What does that mean—to build base leadership? What are two ways we can build community leadership in theBlack Radical Tradition?

Watch the video to hear it all again or to hear it for the first time. 

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