• The collective thinking & actions of the growing movement in the U.S. South
  • A plan of action to protect and defend our folks from attacks while we build liberated systems & institutions
  • A shared political project that guides self-determined work on different frontlines in multiple communities

To transform this landscape, we build from our shared strength. We re-imagine our public spaces and how to protect ourselves and our resources. We produce a functional economy based on the common good. We generate a vision for global migration and universal citizenship.  We deepen our commitment to building organized movements that can and will respond to crisis and disaster with stronger infrastructure, stronger relationships, and community governance.

Our community should be the source of our power. We are an assembly of social movements, grassroots movements, an assembly of assemblies that can become a source of taking and holding power. We can create a culture of liberation by incorporating more voices and paying attention to our imagination about what liberation looks like.  – Ruben Solis, University Sin Fronteras

We believe the Southern Freedom Movement builds liberated power at the same time that we confront oppressive power. We are building stronger strategies within our home communities bases to eliminate systems of control, hate, and violence that manifest differently in our local sites and across the region.

We recognize that Southern colonialism, a rising, violent neo-Confederacy and increased white nationalism are connected to global systems that dominate, control, dictate, and exploit people, land, and resources at every level of our lives. We recognize that our oppression is connected to the global South and our liberation is necessary to the Up South of the U.S. and the global South. We recognize that a desperate economy cultivates a culture of violence when it trains people to produce and reinforce mass incarceration of Black and Brown bodies and protect rich bodies behind gated walls or borders.

As organizations that are part of the Southern Movement Assembly, we recognize that our communities are the source of our strength in times of crisis.  We are proud to be part of movements that refuse to be divided, movements that are lifting the voices of Muslims, immigrants, Black, indigenous, LGBTQ communities, and all movements that work to protect our people.

We are building decolonization strategies to free our minds, free our bodies, and free our people.