Massive disaster and massive response, Houston communities show unconditional solidarity.

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From Southwest Houston to Spring to East Houston to the shipyards and back thru downtown, the team scanned the landscape of a huge city that experienced varying levels of damage. Much of the city pushes on into normal activity while many families and neighborhoods continue the intense and dangerous work to gut their homes. Mold, loss, and water damage are attacked by community crews. Black Lives Matter Houston (@blmhou) organized and coordinated a powerful grassroots effort to support families in East Houston still living in severely flooded homes. The unconditional solidarity and active, sweaty work brought people together in this Black and Latino community hit so hard by the flooding, and the local Black Lives Matter organizers created an incredible synergy of support and community building. #SouthernPeoplesPower

Coordinated hubs provide community support in small town Texas

The Texas team hit some of the small towns and sites along the Gulf Coast. In a meeting with the National Nurses Organizing Committee we learned about their rotating deployments in Houston, Beaumont, and Port Aransas. They are setting up medi-clinics and providing triage. The nurses connected us to Becky Moeller, former Communications Workers of America president and the first woman president of the Texas AFL-CIO working out of the Corpus Christi Labor Council (run by her daughter!). Becky organizes with multiple coalitions and is operating a major hub for getting supplies and support to hard hit towns like Refugio, Rockport, & Aransas Pass.

The devastation is immense, and the Border Patrol was crawling all over until Saturday. “What breaks my heart is what the undocumented folks are going through. Folks are intimidated to come out to get support,” Becky told us. They have set up trusted drop off points for people to get supplies.

Ruben Solis with University Sin Fronteras committed to bringing supplies that they specifically requested to a planning meeting next Monday.


Grassroots Disaster Assessment Team

Picking up donations of water and fresh garden vegetables from Hondo Empowerment Committee, anchor with the Southern Movement Assembly and campus site of University Sin Fronteras.

Mexican workers’ movement in the late 1870s used this land as an organizing and social space for community. Called “Asociacion Mutualista” or Mutual Aid Society, the Hondo Empowerment Center is built literally on that land. As part of implementing the Southern Movement Blueprint, the Center is proud to be a Mutual Aid Liberation Center in the 21st century. #SouthernPeoplesPower