Hijacking Democracy

On April 24th, people from all over the South participated in an important discussion about current threats to democracy and people’s political power. 

Trupania Bonner with Crescent City Media Group discussed the dangers of an undercount in the upcoming 2020 Census, including the “citizenship question” that the Supreme Court is debating whether or not to add which would most likely reduce the count by millions and impact public resources flowing to marginalized communities. “Attacks on the census and attacks on the constitution are being done to maintain current power. In MS, 40% of the state budget comes from the federal government. The Census redistributes our tax dollars, and we need these dollars to support our public health system and dollars that support our dreams for our communities.” 

Carol Blackmon with the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative informed us about Article V and the Convention of States, an attempt to rewrite the Constitution and eliminate any gains that social movements have won including social security, reproductive rights, freedom of speech, and judicial term limits. 15 states, predominantly Southern states, have already passed legislation to call for the Convention (see map & resources below).

“What can we do about it? Push legislators to rescind the#ConventionOfStates applications and prevent others from applying. We can educate folks on their state’s position on the #COS, amplify the problem since so many are not aware.”

Many people on the call voiced concern about the sweeping implications of these attacks, and we agreed to take action and continue educating our policymakers and community members about the Census and the Convention of States to raise awareness in a time of distraction and misinformation.

1) Identify you state legislators (using this ONLINE TOOL

2) Contact your state representatives and inform them about the dangers of the Convention of States. Request that your State Legislators rescind applications for Article V or work against those with applications pending.

3) Have discussions with your families, networks, and communities. Listen to the recording & research! Resources below.