Join a Work Team

Communication Team :
Group working to support and manage the external and internal communications of the Southern Movement Assembly/ including the website/ the social media and online presence/ and producing our own media. Also working to implement the broader action strategy around building a strong Southern-led Communications Infrastructure.

Organizing Team:
Group working to coordinate the strategies for strong base-building, organizing grassroots assemblies, and coordinating actions across the region., and the strategies to build Peoples Democracy actions and assemblies to intervene in the 2018 election cycle.

Mutual Aid Liberation Center Team:
Group will work to establish shared political vision, practices, and strategies to implement centers in multiple communities. They will produce a Mutual Aid Liberation Center Toolkit that includes history, shared protocol & principles, and examples of how to build centers. The team will support the work of deepening the work of existing 4 centers in Atlanta GA, Chattanooga TN, Hondo TX, and Dothan AL and launch and support 5-6 more across the region.

Political Education & Movement Research Team:
Group working to develop, compile, and provide political education and research within and throughout the Southern Movement Assembly actions and organizing work. Developing a collective process to produce organizing kits to contend with crises and deepen our shared understanding of the political forces that shape our landscape.