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We come to talk about the fiction of the Puertorican nation. We’ve been battling for 523 years a continuos colonialism. We live under a colonial, racist and antidemocratic mentality. Not because of this we ignore international realities. We want that the historical process of our liberation, our more than a dozen of political prisoners, men and women, the stories of tortures and injustice come to light. We want and need that the general process of liberation of Puerto Rican colonialism gets recognized and identified. Not by the ONU and their continuos theatre of Decolonization Committee, but by the other parallel process that are fought simultaneously with ours.

The colossal effort of United State to keep control of Puerto Rico has come to its peak. With a Board Member Control against us. Imposed on June, 30th, 2016. We’ve been military occupied, economically exploited  and culturally silenced.

But there are important events in the conquer of our sovereignty. With the constant reminder that without real political freedom it still small steps. But nevertheless important, the recovery of lands that belong to us, for the use of agroecology and other important frontlines.

As Fanon said on 1958: “the colonised people usually recognize themselves in each movement, each revolution turned into movement and compelled by the oppressed. Additionally of the necessary solidarity with men and woman from all over the world that fight for democracy and rights, gets imposed the firm decision of the colonised people of wanting for themselves and their brothers, the recognition a of national existence, a free and sovereignty existence for all of its members.”


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Who attended the assembly and what are they concerned about?

15 fellow puertorricans with different backgrounds (academic, professional and economic) who are concerned with the colonial relationship between the United States of America and Puerto Rico, and the worsening consequences that this relationship will have on an already fragmented, seized, and irreversibly scarred puertorrican national identity.

What is the shared analysis of the problems?

We discussed the racial and historical beginnings of the now 500+ years old colonial status of Puerto Rico; we discussed the social/political/cultural consequences that said relationship has caused –and will continue to aggravate- on the puertorrican people; we also established possible contributions to bring about the decolonization of the puertorrican nation and the puertorrican people.