As assemblies occur the organizing team is diligently working on collecting movement briefings in order to provide them to the wider community as we lead into SMA VI.

5FRIDAY, August 26 in Dothan, Alabama | Anchor: The Ordinary Peoples Society (TOPS) –– Formerly incarcerated people and the families of currently incarcerated people convened to build an inside out strategy to support what is shaping up to be the largest prison strike in recent history onSeptember 9. Read the Press Release Here.

“The movement we have going now is what we need. Parents are hurting, kids are in jail. We need spaces for all of us who have been through something. We need a movement that makes people whole.”


SATURDAY, August 27 in Clarkston, Georgia | Anchor: Women Watch Afrika (WWA) — The refugee and immigrant community gathered for a community assembly to address global and state violence and how those realities connect to medical violence.

“I’ve been here for four years…  In America, you can go to school if you wish. That is good, to be able to do whatever you like.  But, I heard what I thought was fireworks and then learned it was a gun.  Hearing that someone was killed coming back from school at night.  I have to teach my son to be careful.  I don’t like that part of America.  Here, if you move your hand, you are shot by them.  I don’t understand that.  I don’t like the police getting into my life.  If you move your body, you are going to die.  I tell my son, Don’t move your hand.  Don’t reach down.  

5-2 SATURDAY, August 27 in Montgomery, Alabama | Anchor: Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative —Peers, community leaders, friends, and family members came together to discuss and plan strategies for SRBWI’s Alabama Human Rights Commissions’ Campaign to Make Black Lives Matter in Southern States and national Policy Environments.


Special Release on August 30

In 2015 Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy (GCCLP) – a Southern Movement Assembly anchor organization – helped anchor the Gulf South Rising Initiative to create regional infrastructure and uplift the voices of frontline leaders in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. If you made it to the SMA last year, you’ll remember we joined forces in New Orleans last August to hold our fifth SMA during Gulf South Rising’s community-led tenth commemoration of Hurricane Katrina on Congo Square. The extensive final report is now available. Read it here


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On October 1st-2nd Southern Freedom Fighters from across the South will convene at SMA VI in Chattanooga, TN. SMA VI will gather forces who will bring with them Movement Briefings from their communities and bases that describe what is happening in their communities. These Movement Briefings will ensure that rather than just a gathering of individuals, we will come together as representatives of our communities to plan our collective next steps.  The goal of SMA VI is to co-create a Southern Movement Blueprint to define our strategies moving into 2017. For more information on how to generate a Movement Briefing please download and use the Peoples 100 Day Action Packet



National Call to Prepare for SMA VI

The Southern Movement Assembly VI Governance Council and Organizing Team will be holding a National invitation call on September 6, 2016. 

Join the call to learn about the rising Southern Freedom Movement, how to participate in the SMA process, prepare your delegation, and hear reports from community assemblies across the region!

  • Who is coming from across the south?
  • What are Movement Briefings and why are we asking communities to invest energy in them?
  • What are the specific calls to action for the final 50 days of the Peoples 100 Countdown?

To register for the SMA National call please click here! Invite friends to the call on social media here.



The University Sin Fronteras, a member of the Southern Movement Assembly, believes in Liberation as the final game plan for the grassroots social movements. We are seeking a system change, not just a change in the system. The Southern Peoples Initiatives build the infrastructure to achieve a new SOUTH with a new social economy, peoples democracy through organized governance, and communities protected from state violence.
Liberation is a process, not an event or something that can be taught. The University Sin Fronteras, as part of building the Peoples 100 Day Countdown, teaches emancipatory education and accumulates collective knowledge that leads towards liberation. We stand with Black Lives Matter and the liberation movement of Black People. We are in solidarity with the liberation of all oppressed peoples.



Are you or your organization ready to sign on for the Southern Peoples Initiatives? Does the work you do advance a new economy, a functional democracy, or community-driven safety? Are you ready to organize a community assembly to demand action in this moment and develop Movement Briefings? Are you ready to build a delegation to the Southern Movement Assembly VI in October and shape a Southern Movement Blueprint?

If so: Sign on below.


August 1 – November 8 Peoples 100 Day Countdown

Peoples Movement Assemblies across the South are gathering communities to address frontline concerns, create long-term visions for justice, and develop community-led positions on this time of crisis. Formerly incarcerated people and their families, communities affected by extractive & toxic industries, young Black people, workers, and refugee & immigrant communities will gather and develop our plan for the Southern Freedom Movement in the 21st century.

Upcoming Assemblies and Events

*For more information on these assemblies please email

Black Joy/ Black Resilience Wednesday – Durham, NC -Wednesdays (weekly) with SpiritHouse
Hondo Community Assembly in Texas – September 1
October 1-2 Southern Movement Assembly VI – Chattanooga TN

Bring your dreams, your visions, and your plans to the sixth regional assembly of frontline communities. We will sharpen our collective plan of action and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of 2017. Save the date and join us!

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For any questions about ongoing organizing efforts, reach out to Ash-Lee W. Henderson at

Much love and solidarity,Southern Movement Assembly Governance Council Organizations
Alternate ROOTS | Regional
Black Workers for Justice | Raleigh, NC
Concerned Citizens for Justice | Chattanooga, Tennessee
Crescent City Media Group | New Orleans, LA
Georgia Citizens’ Coalition on Hunger | Atlanta, GA
Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy | Regional
National Council of Elders – South | Regional
New Jim Crow Movement | Jacksonville, FL
Project South | Atlanta & Regional
Southwest Workers’ Union
| San Antonio, TX
SpiritHouse | Durham, NC
The Ordinary Peoples Society – TOPS | Dothan, AL
University Sin Fronteras | Atlanta, Bemidji, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Detroit, Jacksonville, San Antonio, & Puerto Rico
Women Watch AfrikaClarkston, GA