The principles that connect the members of the Southern Movement Assembly reflect many years of organizational partnerships and a synthesis of ideas based in collective practice and historical example. The principles serve to name who we are, what we believe, and our purpose for working together to regenerate and advance the Southern Freedom Movement in the 21st Century. Affirming these principles affirms the foundational belief that we are stronger together, and we do not want to do this alone. To work and be together is a political decision; we are not doing it for either comfort or practicality. These principles will be evaluated & evolved periodically.

We believe remembering and regenerating our movement history is critical. We recognize the long-term legacies and the most recent work that led to this moment.

We value and practice transparency.

We strive to distinguish between perception and reality.

We respect and support locally-based leadership. Place & space matter, and we recognize the unique histories of the South and local sites.

We create spaces to assemble so that people can voice our truths and bring our whole selves.

We stand against criminalizing our people in any way.

We recognize and respect the self-determination of each organization and strive to engage in principled dialogue when disagreement or conflict is a barrier to collective action.

We believe political direction is determined by big picture analysis grounded in struggle to dismantle white supremacy, economic exploitation, and colonialism while simultaneously building decolonization processes for liberation of all people.

We believe no one should be excluded from any form of governance that makes decisions about their lives.

We believe in and respect the diversity of tactics and strategies as we are working for liberation. We believe there are many ways to do this work.

We respect the different organizing choices and traditions of our member organizations.

We recognize and value the skills, contributions, and resources that each community, individual and organization brings and will prioritize Collective Accessibility in how and where we assemble and share information.

We commit to maximizing those contributions for our collective goals.

We will defend the ground we have gained through struggle, and we will create and practice new forms of participation and governance that include and serve all of us.