June 20, 2020 is
World Refugee Day!
What is World Refugee Day?
World Refugee Day History

World Refugee Day is observed every year on 20th of June in order to raise
public awareness about the conditions and problems that refugees face in their
lives throughout the world. This day provides an opportunity to show globally
that we all are with refugees.

On December 4, 2000, the United Nations General Assembly declared (in
Resolution 55/76) that World Refugee Day would be celebrated annually on 20th
of June. And in 2001, it became an annual worldwide celebration.

Why World Refugee Day is Celebrated

World Refugee Day is celebrated every year on 20th of June to support millions
of families all over the world who have lost their homes and dear ones because
of violence or war. Today, more than 70 million people around the world are
refugees or internally displaced as a result of conflict or persecution. That
is equivalent to the population of the world’s 20th largest country.
World Refugee Day was established by the General Assembly of United Nations for
the refugees to honor them for their courage in facing many challenges after
losing their homes and the lives they had known due to conflict or violence and
their contributions to their communities. World Refugee Day celebration
provides an opportunity to all to help the refugees worldwide to rebuild their
quality lives through different related activities.

As part of their relocation to their new land, refugees have historically been
provided variety of lifesaving assistance, safety and protection by the
government agencies and organizations. At the minimum, they are provided tents,
shelter, living material supplies, and served with the life-saving services
before their relocation. However, the courage it takes to leave everything
behind and try to start over with basic necessities is tremendous.

The goal of celebrating this day is increasing awareness among the public by
sharing related refugee stories. It is celebrated to remind people about the
failures of international community or home conflicts which has forced so many
families to leave their home and go to another place to save their lives.
People honor the spirit and courage of millions of refugees worldwide on World
Refugee Day. It is also a day to recognize the contributions of refugees in
their communities.

Join Women Watch Afrika, Inc. and millions all over the globe in celebrating
and recognizing the courage, strength, and resilience of refugees! Show your
solidarity and take action.

As at World Refugee Day 2019, an unprecedented 70.8 million people have been
forcibly displaced worldwide, and 37,000 people are forced to flee their homes
every day due to conflict or persecution.

In the past decade, global refugee population has more than doubled, with more
than 25 million refugees living in host communities around the world. We are
now at the highest population on record, with 67% of the world’s refugees
coming from just 5 countries.

World Refugee Day commemorates the obstacles refugees face each year, while
also celebrating their courage and strength. Since 2001, the United Nations and
more than 100 countries have observed World Refugee Day annually on June 20th.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has started the #WithRefugees
petition to send a message of action, solidarity, and responsibility on behalf
of refugees to governments worldwide.
Together, we can work to end the refugee crisis and find homes for displaced
peoples worldwide.

According to the UNHCR, there are more than 65.3 million forcibly displaced
people around the world.
More than 21 million of these people are refugees and 10 million are stateless.

On average, 42,500 people per day flee their homes to seek protection within
the borders of their own country or other countries.

In the last year alone, there have been 13.9 million people newly displaced.
The civil war in Syria has led to one of the worst humanitarian crises of our

More than 11 million Syrians are currently displaced. This amounts to 45% of
the Syrian population.
86% of the world’s refugees are hosted by developing countries.
This number has jumped by 16% in the last decade. Refugees only account for a
tiny percentage of overall immigration.

The world’s largest refugee camp is located in Dadaab, Kenya, which is home to
more than 329,000 people. The Dadaab refugee camp was being threatened with
closures due to potential security risks.

Of the 20 million refugees worldwide, 51% are under the age of 18. This is the
highest number of child refugees since World War II.

The first-ever Refugee Team competed at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The team was
comprised of athletes from Ethiopia, South Sudan, The Democratic Republic of
Congo, and Syria.

How You Can Help
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