AUGUST’S MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP CALL focused on Climate Displacement, Relocation and Gentrification in the Gulf South

“It’s time for us to get our heads around this climate crisis: Assess your reality. Build your analysis. Connect to other struggles. These are the hard lessons we’ve learned from every storm and all the storms. We’re used to fighting for our lives, but this time, we’re fighting for the life of the planet.” – Colette Pichon Battle, based in Slidell, LA with @GCCLPla

“It’s not only about being uprooted from our homelands, it’s our mental and physical well-being, it’s health impacts. When people are forced to leave their homelands, they are being forced to leave behind parts of themselves.” – Bette Billiot, based in Houma, LA with @United_Houma

“One thing you can do: Imagine what climate gentrification looks like in your city. Our people understand what’s happening even if they don’t have the right terminology.” – Valencia Gunder, based in Miami, FL with @SmileTrustInc

Three incredible women leaders living and working on the frontlines of climate crisis, relocation, and displacement spoke about the urgency of climate change and the powerful work of movements rising in communities across the South. 

Follow these links to find out more about Colette Pichon BattleBette Billiot, and Valencia Gunder.

On August 29th, the 14th anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast and the day that the federal government decided to reallocate over $200 million from hurricane relief to anti-immigrant militarized enforcement, we urge you all to TAKE ACTION for people’s movements:

1) Sign the petition to support the United Houma Nation’s longtime fight for federal recognition.

2) Support the Smile Trust’s Disaster preparedness efforts in Miami in advance of Hurricane Dorian, scheduled to hit Florida by Labor Day.

3) Support the 2019 GSR Community Controlled Fund supporting the long-term effects of Hurricane Barry & Mississippi River flooding.

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Tools from our partners at Union of Concerned Scientists:

A quick read – Capital City: Gentrification & the Real Estate State, By Samuel Stein