Join the Southern Movement Assembly to exercise your power in a time of crisis, organize assemblies to develop people’s agendas during a critical election year, and build Mutual Aid Liberation Centers across the region!

In 2018, the members and anchors of the Southern Movement Assembly developed an ACTION PLANthat includes four seasons of work to implement the Southern Peoples Initiative across 13 states and exercise our power in a time of crisis.

As part of the annual Summer Organizing Drive, we are kicking off a #SouthernPeoplesPower Tour; we are organizing multiple Peoples Movement Assemblies; we are facilitating work and learning exchanges; we are initiating Mutual Aid Liberation Centers; and we are showing the world how powerful Southern movements are!

The #SouthernPeoplesPower Tour is a series of Organizing Intensives in multiple locations throughout the South. The 2-3 day Intensives are spaces for as few as 25 people to as many as 100 people to come together, share and learn skills, and generate plans to continue organizing together in relationship to the Southern Movement Assembly and the goals of the Southern Peoples Initiative as represented in the Synthesis and 2018 Action Plan. In addition to the Tour, groups across the South will be organizing Peoples Movement Assemblies and learning exchanges.







REGISTER for the Tampa, Florida INTENSIVE  (September 21-23) HERE