The Southern Movement Assembly is an organizing process and a convergence space that centers the voices and experiences of grassroots leadership on multiple frontlines. Organizations take actions locally and regionally to confront poverty, racism, and violence and to build political power in our communities. The Assembly is a movement governance process that is a combination of political education, discussion, planning, action, and synthesis.

Southern Movement Assembly VII

Building communities of practice, growing our movement, and exercising collective power that is coordinated and united around a set of principles

  • WHERE: Whitakers, North Carolina

  • WHEN: October 26 - 29, 2017

  • WHO: 500 community leaders and people fighting on every frontline in every state of the South and beyond

  • WHAT WILL WE DO: a collective agenda for the time will be generated based on assessed needs!

  • FOR WHAT: To continue building a Southern Movement Village that can meet our community needs in this moment.