We are growing #SouthernPeoplesPower! ​

Southern Movement Assembly 7 in Whitakers, NC took place on October 26-29

300 people participated throughout the weekend, over 70 organizations represented from all 13 Southern states, Puerto Rico, rural Oregon, and beyond. 

7 Frontline Assemblies shared analysis about the current landscape affecting workers, youth, rural realities, climate disaster, borders and migration, land, and democracy in our communities.

15 Movement Building Skill Sessions 
created organizing tools for this political moment. We discussed the accomplishments and ongoing work to implement the Southern Peoples Initiative and the Blueprint we created at SMA 6.

The SMA 7 Synthesis Team connected analysis, vision, and action steps and facilitated 10 Power Groups to be bold and build coordinated strategies throughout the next year.

We created a liberated Southern movement village on sacred land, and we worked to heal our ancestors and to vision a future that extends seven generations out. We broke bread and celebrated in the spirit of Harriet Tubman who said “My people are free.”

We closed the assembly with words of solidarity from the Lucha Movement
 fighting on similar frontlines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.We committed to fight white supremacy, deportations, worker exploitation, social control, extractive industries, and all forms of oppression by building the world we deserve. We recommitted ourselves to building a just world with a transformed economy and a peoples democracy where we protect and defend one another.

We are working a plan of action in a time of crisis, and we are growing a multigenerational, multiracial, multi-gendered, cross-movement convergence of #SouthernPeoplesPower 


NOW: Fill out Participant Survey at https://www.southtosouth.org/sma7_survey

NOVEMBER 29Join the Monthly General Membership Assembly call to discuss full synthesis & next steps for 2018 – REGISTER HERE

DECEMBER 7-10Southern Movement Assembly Strategy Session at the US Human Rights Network Conference

Thank you! For representing your communities, sharing your struggles, building new family, and living the legacy of our ancestors. We construct the world we deserve at the same time as we contend with the attacks on our people. We are stronger together, and we believe that “Nobody is Free Until Everybody is Free!”

Southern Movement Assembly VII

Building communities of practice, growing our movement, and exercising collective power that is coordinated and united around a set of principles

  • WHERE: Whitakers, North Carolina

  • WHEN: October 26 - 29, 2017

  • WHO: 300 community leaders and people fighting on every frontline in every state of the South and beyond

  • WHAT WILL WE DO: a collective agenda for the time will be generated based on assessed needs!

  • FOR WHAT: To continue building a Southern Movement Village that can meet our community needs in this moment.

Our community is the source of our power. We can create a culture of liberation.

-Ruben Solis, University Sin Fronteras



A call to action to respond to current crises in Texas, the Gulf South, Puerto Rico, & Mexico.

General Assembly Call – January

The Southern Movement Assembly holds monthly calls to gather our folks, stay updated with organizing on the ground across the region, and support each other to grow our forces within the Southern Freedom Movement of the 21st Century.

  • WHERE: Online Using Zoom

  • WHEN: January 31 6PM EST / 5PM CST

  • WHO: Community leaders and people fighting on every frontline in every state of the South and beyond!

  • WHAT WILL WE DO: we will present updates from the teams generating plans for SMA VII, work together to deepen the plans, and hear from each other about how to support our local work!

  • FOR WHAT: To contribute your feedback, ideas, and questions to the Action Plan & Synthesis.