“Southern people know what to do. We know how to fight. We have been resisting and building on some of the most dangerous and treacherous frontlines. We understand what’s coming.” – Colette Pichon Battle, Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy.

Over 200 people registered for the General Membership Assembly Call on March 25. We made a powerful call to organize community actions to resist and build during the 90 days of Southern Spring. Listen to the call and SUBMIT YOUR ACTIONS FOR SOUTHERN SPRING.

Southern Movement Assembly Action Plan 2020 

Every time we gather as a Southern Movement Assembly, we produce a plan of action. At the SMA8 in Mississippi in November 2019, we divided ourselves into three assemblies based on the elements of the Southern Peoples Initiative. In each of these assemblies we discussed our visions and strategies for 2020. We gathered on Saturday evening with representatives from each assembly and over 100 people participating as a large group to synthesize the ideas into an action plan.

The challenges we face in our communities are more urgent than ever, but we are stronger when we come together. Southern movement forces are ready to take action and grow southern power from the bottom up.