Protect & Defend Assembly 

What has changed or shifted over the last four months? 

What are threats that we anticipate harming our communities?

What are opportunities opening up to protect & defend our people? 

Join Southern frontline organizers in a virtual People’s Movement Assembly on July 29th. Share your lessons learned and ideas for what we need to build together. 


DATE: Wednesday, July 29th

TIME: 5-7pm CDT / 6-8pm EST

What do you want to share? What have you learned over the past few months that we can apply towards the People’s First 100 Days of 2021?

Southern Summer is dedicated to sharing, planning, and strategizing for building power and growing the Southern Freedom movement in this unique and challenging political moment.

The last Wednesdays of July, August, and September during our regular General Membership Assembly calls, we will facilitate three People’s Movement Assemblies based on the elements of the Southern People’s Initiative: 

  • JULY 29: Protect & Defend Assembly
  • AUGUST 26: New Social Economy Assembly
  • SEPTEMBER 30: People’s Democracy Assembly

The Southern People’s Initiative, launched in 2015, reflects the synthesized visions of hundreds of Southern organizations fighting and building on the frontlines of every issue. Southern Summer is part of the 2020 Action Plan is a collaborative plan developed at the eighth SMA in 2019 to advance the Southern People’s Initiative in all our communities. 


1) Register for the Protect & Defend Assembly: Register for the PMA to represent for your organization or community group. Recruit 2-3 more folks who want to coordinate and connect with other Southern organizers and build a shared plan of action! Register at

2) Fill out the SMA Survey HERE: Prepare for the Assembly or share your lessons and ideas if you can’t make it this month:

3) SAVE THE DATE: Southern Movement Assembly 9 will be NOVEMBER 6-7, 2020  Just days after the national elections, Southern organizers and leaders will gather to develop the strategy for a coordinated People’s First 100 Days of 2021. No matter what happens during the elections, we know we need a movement plan of action to build the world we deserve.

Southern Movement Assembly Action Plan 2020 

Every time we gather as a Southern Movement Assembly, we produce a plan of action. At the SMA8 in Mississippi in November 2019, we divided ourselves into three assemblies based on the elements of the Southern Peoples Initiative. In each of these assemblies we discussed our visions and strategies for 2020. We gathered on Saturday evening with representatives from each assembly and over 100 people participating as a large group to synthesize the ideas into an action plan.

The challenges we face in our communities are more urgent than ever, but we are stronger when we come together. Southern movement forces are ready to take action and grow southern power from the bottom up.