Join the Southern Freedom Movement
Membership in the Southern Movement Assembly is based on commitment to the SMA Principles of Unity, alignment with the Southern Movement Action Plan 2020 developed at the most recent Southern Movement Assembly 8, and collective work to build a vibrant Southern Freedom Movement for the 21st century! Members can sign up for Work Teams, initiate actions during Southern Spring (April 1-June 30, 2020), participate in and organize Peoples Movement Assemblies, and organize delegations to represent at the upcoming Southern Movement Assembly 9 in November. Join HERE

Register for the Membership Calls
The Southern Movement Assembly holds monthly calls to gather our folks, stay updated with organizing on the ground across the region, and support each other to grow our forces within the Southern Freedom Movement of the 21st Century. Register HERE

Participate in a Work Teams
If you want to jump in and contribute your skills, talents, and capacity, join a Work Team to find out what folks are working on and how you can contribute. Join HERE

The Southern Freedom Movement began when the first enslaved African resisted.

-Trap Bonner, Crescent City Media Group